Terms and conditions

1. General

This is the most recent terms of service agreement as of February 24th, 2018.


Any changes made may replace or modify the existing agreement.

2. Service

IGBoost’s service is one that is purely promotional in nature. The only purposes for which IGBoost will be used on your Instagram account will be promotional.

Your Instagram API will be required for access. We make use of your API to help you grow your follower base organically. This marketing method is entirely legitimate, and your API will be used for no other purposes.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a certain number of followers by the end of our service as that is also dependent on your effort and content.

The images that are liked while using your account are liked using hashtags. It is for this reason that we cannot guarantee that all content will be appropriate (e.g., some photos may contain nudity). Keep in mind that this is due to the hashtagging process, and it will not be intentional.

3. Paypal & Payments

Upon purchasing our services, you fully agree and comprehend what you are buying and will agree not to file a fraudulent dispute using Paypal.

Your payment term will be reoccurring until further notice or cancellation from you.

Upon filing a dispute, we reserve the right to report your instagram profile, terminate your account, or ban your IP address.

Failure to reply within a week will forfeit all opportunities for a refund of that week’s services and any previous weeks. You will be compensated with our service for a predetermined period of time.

4. Registration

Your Instagram username and password will both be necessary so that IGBoost can access all of the relevant info that we need.

When subscribing to a monthly term, the amount must be paid in full before the cancellation of your subscription. If no notice is provided for the following month, the same term time from the previous month will be charged. When attempting to cancel your subscription, contact customer support and allow for up to 24 hours.

Upon registering for IGBoost or accepting this agreement, you confirm that you are at least 13 years of age.

5. Copyright

You agree not to copy any text, images, or programming used on the IGBoost website without the express written consent of an IGBoost representative.

6. Instagram

You agree to only use IGBoost in accordance with all of the rules and agreements that concern Instagram.

7. Reviews & Public Usage

If you submit a review, we reserve the right to publish it unless you specifically request that it remain private. If contacted, we will remove your review within 24 hours.

8. Liabilities

IGBoost is not responsible in any way for account suspensions and pictures deleted by the Instagram team.

9. Disclaimer

IGBoost is not responsible for damages that you or your business may suffer. IGBoost also makes no expressed or implied guarantees about the service that is offered. Due to the nature of internet-based business, we can’t ensure 100% availability of our services and website at all times.

10. Change of Terms

These terms are liable to change at any time. Both the notices of change and the changes themselves will be effective and considered in action by the date available on our website. IGBoost does not have to provide further notice upon your continued use of services.

11. Marketing Emails

Through acceptance of these terms, you also agree to receive promotional content and offers from IGBoost through email.

Refund Policy

There are a few conditions in which we will provide a refund, however:

Non-Delivery of Product

If a representative does not contact you within 24 hours of your payment, contact customer support, and you can request a refund within seven days of having placed your order. After the seven day mark, our services will be considered as implemented.


If you feel fully unsatisfied with our services, we can provide a refund.

Product is Not as Described

If you can provide clear evidence that our services and products are not as we describe them within seven days of your purchase, you will be entitled to a full refund. Misunderstanding of our services on the part of the customer is not considered grounds for a refund for this reason.