Frequently asked questions

Who’re you?

Igboost is a top and trusted trade name in social promotion. The majority of our rivals offers mock promotion, and even the ones which come within a small distance of equaling our result charge such a lot more!

How do you offer Instagram likes/followers?

In the course of many years of engineering, we have been able to better our own distinctive and tactical method which lets us offer the top quality of marketing at a matchless price.

Is your service going to get my account banned?

We have been running effectively within Instagram’s service terms and haven’t ever had a user prohibited as a result of our promotion.

Do you have need of account information to function?

Yes, we require your account password so that we can manage and work from your profile.

What is the time taken for orders to be able to be seen on my account?

The processing of the orders is done within 24 hours, and you are going to see the results in few hours after we start.

How am I able to get in touch with you?

Client relations are an enormous element of what makes us unique as a provider of social media marketing services. We boast of a client relations squad that’s prepared to serve you 24/7 through WhatsApp chat and email support. In the event of you having any query, you’re definite to have an answer and have it fast as well.

If I Cancel, Will my Followers Disappear?

Remember that all of your followers will be real people, so you will keep every follower you gain while using our service.

Can I Still Use my Account While Using Your Service?

Yes. There will be no interference between Igboost and standard Instagram functioning. You won’t have to worry about losing access to your account while we work our magic, so you can still do what you need to do to up your follower count and double the effectiveness.

Will such followers unfollow me in the upcoming times?

No, the followers you gain should not unfollow you.

Do You Do Custom Orders?

We also accept custom orders, though these are usually for customers who need a massive boost of followers. If you require a specific service, don't hesitate to let us know before we get started, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Are the Followers Real?

Unlike other services, the followers that we redirect to your profile are living, breathing human beings. Through the use of organic follower growth, we can improve your following immensely.

Is Your Service Safe? Are There Any Risks?

There are no risks to using Igboost, so feel free to make the most of our services. Everything that we do is well within Instagram’s rules and terms of use. We have had over 3000 clients use our service, and there has never been an account closed for using our services.