Use Instagram to Advertise Business in a Unique Way

Instagram-for-BusinessPeople in Brazil, United States and Japan are among people who use Instagram frequently. It has been estimated that more than 57 million #selfie is currently being used in the Instagram environment and some of them are also used to promote a business in a unique way. Apart from individual users in recent years they have been a growth of Instagram accounts among large business houses. The marketing strategists have understood that this simple social media medium could be used productively to create online visibility for the company and also penetrate new customer segments globally. If you want to use these strategies to grow your business read on the informative article for the next few minutes.

Understanding and using hashtags the right way

When you publish an online content or images you would want it to reach the maximum level of people in the online world. The hashtag helps you to achieve this objective by quickly tagging the picture with popular topics, so that more and more can read it and like it. A social media expert would caution you over the fact that the pictures and the hashtags should belong to the same category. Otherwise the main objective in undertaking it would be lost. For example, if you run a small bakery from home, you can upload a picture of a delicious cupcake with the hashtag # yummy goodies for the day. When people see your cupcake pictures along with the hashtag, they would know where to go in case they would want to enjoy the cupcake for lunch or dinner. Thus, you get customers using simple hashtag techniques.

Describe your picture in an interesting manner

As a business owner, you have to understand a simple fact that like you there are many companies in Instagram who offer similar products or services to their customers. How different are your pictures from them and what are you doing to attract them? A simple, easy trick here is to create interesting captions for your picture which would make the online user curious and this would make him visit your website. Thus invest in good quality online content which captures the attention of your customer and the product description should be crisp. This use of interesting captions and descriptions along with the picture would help you to attract people towards your company and they would create a positive brand image of your company too. Instagram marketing is an essential part of any online business and shoul be taken very seriously by anyone wanting to create a positive image online.

Develop other activities to engage your online followers

Instagram is not just about posting pictures; you can undertake various activities which would help you to attract your potential customers. An innovative way is to interact with your customers, understanding their reactions to your company’s various online campaigns and taking feedbacks from them. You must understand that feedback is the key thru which you would open the doors of success for your company’s business. Thus analyze their feedback and interact with them on a daily basis. Once they appreciate your efforts they would start refereeing your company and its product to others. And this would be your ultimate weapon to kill competition in a major way.

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