The Simple But Effective Ways To Use Instagram for Your Business Promotion

instagram-for-businessThe acquisition of Instagram by Facebook has led to its phenomenal rise among regular users, which could be estimated from 18 million to 80 million. The main question which comes to your mind if you are not much into the social media network scene is what Instagram is. Instagram is an application which is free to download by users of Android phones and iPhone. This application allows people to take various pictures, edits and filters the pictures before sharing them.

If you are a business owner, you can use this social network medium to acquaint your potential and old customers regarding your company’s brand and its various products via images. Since Instagram has a user friendly interface, the pictures in your Instagram account can also be shared in other social media interfaces like twitter and Facebook. Below we have guided you regarding a few strategies which you could adopt in Instagram to promote your business.

Engage your customers using creativity

You might wonder how you can create an impression in the minds of your customers by simply posting pictures. But the catch here is to integrate innovative creative strategies into your published pictures. When using pictures in Instagram you should not just post them but develop an innovative strategy which would tell the story of the person who is using your company’s product. You can also post pictures of your company’s office area and this would make them curious.

Share your Instagram pictures on other popular social media platforms.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Instagram lies in the fact that you can easily share pictures published in Instagram with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This opens up the possibility of a large slice of potential customers viewing your company’s products and investing in it when their need arises. Here the only thing that you would need to do is connect your Instagram account with other social media platforms and once you share your important pictures they would get shared instantly in other social media platforms. Thus, within a matter of few seconds, you can reach out to a large chunk of people.

Learning to be active

One of the best ways by which you can promote your business among your targeted customer segments is by being active and continuously remaining alert in your Instagram account. You should have a large following in your account. Otherwise, once the percentage of followers fall down, your company’s online visibility would get affected. Thus the track here is to engage your customers continuously and also implement the technique of geotagging.
Helping your followers to participate in your various online marketing strategies. You can always buy Instagram followers to help you pave the ground for a more active and engaging Instagram account.

If you are seasoned business personnel you know that the best technique to create online visibility is by making your followers participate in various interactive programs like quizzes and special contents. These online events make more and more people participate in it as they hope to win a coveted gift which you have promised to a few winners. Thus, your visibility grows immediately and this is good for your company’s brand image.

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