How to get More Instagram Followers

How to increase your Instagram followers quickly

how to get more instagram followers


As you all know, Instagram is one of the best Photo sharing app with over a 100 million active monthly users on board and attracting thousands more daily. Much like Twitter, people often join it because of their favorite celebrity, music band or product.
But, if you’re anything like me then you must have joined it because all your college friends are there, sharing beautiful moment of their daily life, getting likes, gaining new followers and what not!
When I first joined Instagram I had only 39 followers out of which 33 were my friends, and it was really shameful among my group to have the lowest follower count. All my friends had over 25k followers, so I decided to do a little research on how to gain followers easily and I found about these 4 techniques that helped me gain followers like crazy!

Note- Don’t skip any step as it’s really important to follow all of it to maximize the follower count.

Following others

The first thing you need to know that following is the key to gain new followers. The more you follow the more people will follow you back. I started with 100 follow per day and I was getting 50-80 follow back. That was quite good for the start. And I continue doing it for weeks.

Using HashTags

HashTags is now everywhere and using which you can see hot trends, search for pictures based on interest and much more. This is most important thing to do when you share any new photo on Instagram. In the description field type hashtags like #followback #follow4follow etc. Basically you’re telling everyone out there that if they follow you then you’ll follow them back. There are some other related hashtags also, so search and use them with every share.

Commenting on popular pictures

This is indeed very good method in gaining new followers. Popular pictures are seen by millions of people and by commenting on them you’re exposing yourself to mass audience. And, people who find it interesting will follow you instantly. Don’t forget to follow them back, or else they will unfollow you in few days.

Commenting on other people pictures

Don’t forget to comment on the pictures of your followers. Because commenting shows that you’re happy to engage, and the followers of your follower will see you as a worthy to follow person, and they will follow you. The more you comment and engage, the more followers you’ll get. So, don’t ever forget to comment on new pictures.
By following these 4 pointers, I was getting few hundreds follows and after a while I had over 5k followers. But it wasn’t enough to bypass the follower count of my friends. Also, I saw that people are unfollowing me as soon as I follow them back. This was quite a mess, as my follower count was going down rapidly. So, I did a little more research and found out that there are few services out there that provide you with real Instagram followers at really cheap price. The best thing was you don’t have to follow them back or comment or like there pictures. And, best of all they will not leave you ever.
I then came across a service called and decided to purchase 10k followers just for the testing purpose. I was amazed by the quality of these followers, as they were engaging with me, liking my pictures and commenting on them. So, I decided to buy another 40k followers, just to bypass my friends’ follower count. In few days the delivered me with all the followers and they were of very high quality for the amount I paid.
After few days, I start doing those 4 things again and the first thing that I noticed is that after buying followers is that follow back rate increased. I was getting 50-80 followback, but now I was getting 80-100 followback. The hashtags were bringing me hundreds of daily followers, and commenting flooded my account with new followers. The reason was that after getting 50k+ followers, people on Instagram started to take me seriously; because it’s a basic psychology of people- that users with large following base usually are worth following.
Anyway I bypassed my friends’ follower count by a huge margin and my account is growing every day. Just remember the basic 4 pointers and keep in mind that buying Instagram followers will only help you and there is no harm. So don’t forget to get at least 10k follower for starter from It will not only help you grow your account quickly, but also help you in long run. Good Luck!

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