Frequently asked questions

Who’re you?

IGboost is a top and trusted trade name in social promotion. The majority of our rivals offers mock promotion, and even the ones which come within a small distance of equaling our result charge such a lot more!

How do you offer Instagram likes/followers?

In the course of many years of engineering, we have been able to better our own distinctive and tactical method which lets us offer the top quality of marketing at a matchless price.

Is your service going to get my account prohibited?

In no way. We have been running effectively within Instagram’s service terms and haven’t ever had a user prohibited as a result of our promotion.

Do you have need of account information to function?

In no way do we have need of any sensitive information for fulfilling your orders. The passwords of your account are in safe hands. All we require is your account profile be set to public along with your Instagram ID/picture URL.

What is the time taken for orders to be able to be seen on my account?

Our promotion’s optimized to supply your orders almost straight away. The days of waiting, days without end for seeing your promotion getting to your account are over. The processing of the orders is done on that very day, and you are going to begin seeing your promotion inside few hours. It is important to note in the event of downtime, it might take a maximum of 48h to get your order.

Are you able to do custom orders?

Yes! Merely let our team know about the amount of your order, and we’ll make arrangements for the filing of a custom order.

How am I able to get in touch with you?

Client relations are an enormous element of what makes us unique as a provider of social media marketing services. We boast of a client relations squad that’s prepared to serve you 24/7 through email support. In the event of you having any query, you’re definite to have an answer and have it fast as well.

It’s been more than a day and I can’t see my followers / likes, what is it that I can do?

If you are not able to see your order within the projected span of time of delivery, be patient. We guarantee that your promotion is going to be delivered. Intermittently there are merely complications caused by Instagram’s personal changes in their system which might freeze.

Do you supply genuine followers?

All of the followers are existing users of Instagram who are not active.

Do you have money offs?

We repeatedly suggest money offs on the packages. We moreover have money offs for the ones who will purchase Instagram followers in excess of once.

Will such followers unfollow me in the upcoming times?

We have a propensity of providing added followers. Nevertheless, our followers are not going to unfollow you afterward.

My order’s been terminated and I’m not certain of the reason, what is it that I should do?

Immediately get in touch with support with any significant information you are able to give which would be helping us in identifying the problem. It’s part of our policy to deal with and resolve such issues as promptly as we are able to.

Do you offer money back warranty?

It is our key goal for to fulfill all the necessities of our clients. Thus we give you cent percent money back warranty inside a period of 30 days in the event of the results not meeting your expectations.

What are the accepted methods of payment available?

We accept every key credit card company and payment via a PayPal account. We strive to accommodate the payment needs of all our clients.